Guía Estels del Sud. La... Guía Estels del Sud. La... 2
1th spanish edition of this guide "Estels del Sud" route.The description of the five-day “Estels del Sud” circular route through the Port Natural Park is explained in both directions.It also includes the options of making the crossing in four and three days for the most daring. It contains detailed maps of each stage, although it is recommended to...
La Conca de Barberà. 43... La Conca de Barberà. 43... 2
Conca de Barberà, a region as large as it is forgotten, both historically and currently, and which wants to repair the lack of work in this sense, since since 1932 it has rarely Global works are known about the region. We have said “as great as it is forgotten”. For these reasons, in this guide we not only visit towns and villages, but also the...
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