Las cordilleras del alma. Pako Sánchez. Colección literatura de montaña. 1a ed. marzo 2004. Idioma:castellano

Las cordilleras del alma. Pako Sánchez. Colección literatura de montaña. 1a ed. marzo 2004. Idioma:castellano

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'Callosities arise from the hard coexistence in the soul, those are the most difficult laminations to scrape throughout the body, some undo, others unite and others become books'

'This book is like a small mountain which contains a notorious personality worthy of being respected and partly willing to assert itself among the high works' Antonio García Picazo.

'As he explains, all the experiences lived in the mountain have allowed him to see her in a different way, from new points of view, knowing his weaknesses, his character ... whether he can reach the desired destination, as if he stays in the attempt. Everything has a positive point since the really important thing is to be there 'Neus Domènech.

Pako Sánchez (1969) was born in Barcelona and since the age of sixteen lives a constant passion for the world of mountains. Deep in love with the Pyrenees, he has climbed many summits, whether walking or climbing. Its most frequent scenarios are the Central and Eastern Pyrenees, Montserrat and Montsec. He has also made different trips to practice climbing and mountaineering in various mountain ranges of the planet: Alps, Sierra Nevada, Gredos, Dolomites, Corsica, High Atlas, Todra (Morocco), Aconcagua (Andes), Meteora (Greece), Québec, Jordan, Rockies from Canada, Mexico, Scotland, Colorado (USA), Caucasus (Russia), Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia) and San Lorenzo Massif (Patagonia). It also participates in a solidarity project of a sanitary nature in the Basari people (Senegal), through the NGO Tale Talamo. At present and always with an amateur character, he has published more than 40 reports in specialized magazines and has delivered more than 100 audio-visual conferences. This is his fourth book and his first autobiographical novel.

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