Paisatges de l'Oli al Segrià Sec. Guia + mapa 1:30.000 1a ed
Paisatges de l'Oli al Segrià Sec. Guia + mapa 1:30.000 1a ed
Paisatges de l'Oli al Segrià Sec. Guia + mapa 1:30.000 1a ed
Paisatges de l'Oli al Segrià Sec. Guia + mapa 1:30.000 1a ed

Paisatges de l'Oli al Segrià Sec. Guia + mapa 1:30.000 1a ed

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Landscapes of oil in the Segrià Sec. First edition. 2017.

The Community of Municipalities of the Segrià Sec consists of five villages: Almatret, Llardecans, Maials, Sarroca de Lleida and Torrebesses. It is an area that, because of its proximity to the main urban spaces and communication channels, is ideal for sports with the family. The Segrià Sec is less than thirty minutes from Lleida, with excellent communications, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. This is a territory with a huge diversity of spaces and offerings for visitors. There are two natural areas protected by the Natura 2000 Network (Tossals d'Almatret and Utxesa), an outstanding gastronomic and oil tourism offer, dry stone itineraries, fishing, mountain biking, accommodation and a welcoming and friendly people who will offer you everything what you need to enjoy a memorable stay that you will want to repeat. In the guide you will find contents related to the territory and its landscape, where you will discover how water resources have shaped and continue to shape the landscape, depending on the type of cultivation practiced there. You will also find information on the extensive heritage of Pedra Seca constructions, as well as the flora and fauna present in the Protected Natural Areas of the region, such as the Utxesa Natural Area and the Tossals d'Almatret. The Guide has a detailed explanation of the five municipalities that make up the Community, where all the tourist attractions are highlighted that offer the visitor a wide range of cultural, historical, heritage, architectural and landscape elements. In addition, each municipality has a series of routes, ideal for hiking and mountain biking, where the visitor can discover each and every one of the municipal terms and the main elements of interest. These routes appear in the guide through QR codes that link to the Wikiloc application in order to provide directions using GPS technology and the exact locations of the visited items. Also worth noting is the presentation of the Segrià Sec Water Route. This route will be signaled this coming year with the participation of the students of the training cycles of the Institut Escola del Treball and the La Caparrella Institute of Lleida. It is a 46 km intercity route framed between two protected natural areas: Utxesa and the Almatret hills. The route goes through the five municipalities that make up the Community and the visitor will be able to discover the flora and fauna, the anthropogenic uses; the relief and geology of our territory, in addition, the relationship of water with all these elements.

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