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Cercles de muntanya. 20... Cercles de muntanya. 20... 2
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This guide presents 20 circular itineraries from sea level to almost three thousand meters above sea level. We will ascend more than a hundred peaks, enjoy the best landscapes and walk about three hundred kilometers where we like most: the mountains. The guide includes a short story related to the mountain distributed within each chapter. In the...
Esglésies, ermites i... Esglésies, ermites i... 2
La Terreta is a sparsely inhabited territory that currently belongs to the municipality of Tremp. They are a series of valleys between the Noguera Ribagorçana and the Conca de Tremp dotted with small towns, most of them abandoned, ruined castles and hermitages from all eras. The map you have in your hands points out all this architectural heritage,...
Serra de Montsià Map... Serra de Montsià Map... 2
Second edition of the map of the Sierra de Montsià, at a scale of 1:20,000, which details all its roads and livestock trails, the peaks and all the natural and architectural heritage, such as the dry stone huts, the monumental olive trees, the towers of surveillance and approved trails. The Serra de Montsià is one of the places with the best panoramic...
Lleida. 26 cims en BTT. 20... Lleida. 26 cims en BTT. 20... 2
This guide presents 20 excursions to ascend 26 peaks in Lleida by mountain bike. The orography of the Lleida regions allows you to contemplate mountainous, forest and agricultural landscapes. You will also visit historical and religious places, and abandoned towns and farmhouses. In total, about 750 kilometers are covered, with an approximate positive...
Univers Foradat. Alguns... Univers Foradat. Alguns... 2
This book is not a climbing guide, it is a historical compilation of the practice of classic climbing in the Montsant mountain range, developed through the references and anecdotes of its protagonists. With original reviews from the openers of these climbing routes. The stories are not ordered chronologically, but by theme. The chapters can refer to an...
Camins del Baix Camp Map.... Camins del Baix Camp Map.... 2
Second edition. Folder that includes two maps at a scale of 1:30,000 showing the entire Baix Camp County Road Network. The Baix Camp mountains are the so-called Costa Daurada Mountains and include, among others, such significant places as the Prades Mountains, the Serra de Llaberia and the Barony of Escornalbou.
Serra de Boumort map. Oest,... Serra de Boumort map. Oest,... 2
Second edition of the map of the Serra de Boumort. At a scale of 1:20,000, it includes the protected area of ​​the Boumort National Hunting Reserve and the surrounding mountains. It is an essential tool to discover one of the most unknown territories of the Pre-Pyrenees. It includes the RNCB routes, those of the regional councils, the Pobla de Segur town...
La Conca de Barberà. 43... La Conca de Barberà. 43... 2
Conca de Barberà, a region as large as it is forgotten, both historically and currently, and which wants to repair the lack of work in this sense, since since 1932 it has rarely Global works are known about the region. We have said “as great as it is forgotten”. For these reasons, in this guide we not only visit towns and villages, but also the...
Map Parc Natural de la... Map Parc Natural de la... 2
The Serra de Irta Natural Park is one of the most beautiful protected areas on the coast of the Valencian Country. The interior of this mountain range is a set of rounded hills where Mediterranean scrub vegetation and pine forests abound, which are mixed with "masos" surrounded by crops. The coast is a series of pebble coves and cliffs without too many...
Sierra Nevada Map. La... Sierra Nevada Map. La... 2
3rd updated edition at a scale of 1:25,000 of the topographic map of Sierra Nevada (Granada).Contains representations of the GR, PR and local trails in the area, as well as the sections of the Transnevada (BTT) that run through this area of ​​the map.It is complemented by a proposal for a journey of "the integral of the 3,000" and 13 routes to ascend to...
Mapa Un paseo por los... Mapa Un paseo por los... 2
A new four-day mountain crossing in the Ports of Beceite through the landscapes and environments that four hikers traveled in 1857. His story was explained and edited in a book called "Un Paseo por los Puertos de Beceite". The original route can be done in two stages of 59 km and 2,300 m D+ and our extended four-stage circular proposal is 86 km and 3,920...
Alt Matarranya. Embassament... Alt Matarranya. Embassament... 2
The Matarranya is a mountain river that rises on the northern slopes of the 'Port'. It runs through this mountainous massif until it reaches the plain and receives the waters of the Tastavins River. Both courses are the backbone of this map, which includes a series of excursions to enjoy the surroundings of Puerto de Beceite and the Pena Reservoir, as...
Serra de Montsant Map. Parc... Serra de Montsant Map. Parc... 2
Updated sixth edition. Printed on waterproof paper.Detailed cartography at a 1:20,000 scale of the entire Serra de Montsant Natural Park.The Parc Natural de la Serra de Montsant (Sierra de Montsant Natural Park) is located in the north of the Priorat region and has a rich landscape, natural and religious heritage, with numerous hermitages. You can...
Guía Estels del Sud. La... Guía Estels del Sud. La... 2
1th spanish edition of this guide "Estels del Sud" route.The description of the five-day “Estels del Sud” circular route through the Port Natural Park is explained in both directions.It also includes the options of making the crossing in four and three days for the most daring. It contains detailed maps of each stage, although it is recommended to...
Map L'Alt Empordà 4/ Cap de... Map L'Alt Empordà 4/ Cap de... 2
Fourth updated edition.The area covered by the map goes from Cervera (France) to Empuriabrava.It covers the entire area of ​​the Cap de Creus Natural Park.GR, PR, trails, dolmens, architectural heritage and natural heritage, beaches... an essential tool to get to know the territory.
Estels del Sud Map. La... Estels del Sud Map. La... 2
Revised 5th edition. Waterproof paper. It's a five days ramble across de Massís dels Ports (Ports Mountains). You'll sleep in a different 'star' every night and during the day, following its trail, you'll enjoy one of the most unspoiled and unknown environments in the country.

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